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Experienced Property Management

Thank you for contacting Bollin Ligon Walker about your property management needs. Whether you already own an investment/rental property or you are trying to sell in this tough market, renting may be right for you. We are happy to provide our basic information to you, but cannot give an estimate on rental price until viewing the property and finding comps.

Here is how we operate:

We have two independent licensed/bonded/insured contractors that we work with on a daily basis to get service calls done quickly and efficiently. We also have relationships with an electrical company, plumbers, heating and air, and a tree service company that allows us to get work done in a timely manner and discounted prices due to the high volume of work we provide. Bollin Ligon Walker collects a 10% commission on the property only when it is occupied; therefore it is in our interest as well as yours to get the right tenants into the property as quickly as possible. We have a three-pronged application process that vets possible tenants to help us find the right person(s) for your property. We check three years of rental history, verify employment and/or monthly income and pull credit for each individual applicant. In order to financially qualify for a prope1ty, the tenant(s) will need to have a combined gross monthly income that is three times the amount of rent.

Please keep in mind that if you decide renting your property is right for you that you will need to change your homeowner’s insurance and your taxes will change (drastically). In general, taxes nearly double when you go from owner-occupied to rental status. Please make sure to check into all of this when considering if renting is financially feasible for you and your property.

We look forward to helping you rent your property!